Rail and sea transport of vehicles (trucks, tractors, road tankers).

The transport company Simplextrans provides sea and rail transport of vehicles (trucks, tractors, road tankers etc.).

Such transport is very convenient especially on long distance.

Wagon types used for rail transport of vehicles (trucks, tractors, road tankers etc.).

For rail transport of vehicles we use the following wagon types:

  • universal platforms with wood floor type 13-401 (floor size 13.4 m x 2.78 m) – the main type of waggons used to carry vehiclesуниверсальная платформа
  • long floor railway platforms (18 or 24 m long) – used for the carriage of trucks and vehicles longer than the standard length. Sometimes these platforms allow to load 2-3 vehicles on the same wagon, which enables to decrease the carriage cost.Фитинговые платформы

  • ZMGV type covered wagons with capacity of 240 m3. This type of wagon is 23.34 m long, 3.1 m wide, 3.62 m high (the total volume is 240 m3) and its capacity is 50 tons. Please note that the rent of ZMGV type wagons is relatively high as compared with normal wagons, thus the cost-effectiveness of using this type of wagon should be considered together with other components of the carriage cost.
  • open top wagons – are used fairly rarely and need the loading of machinery by using a crane.

List of services related to rail transport of vehicles (trucks, tractors, road tankers etc.):

  • developing the plan on loading and fixing the vehicles on wagons and approving it by the railway administration,
  • obtaining the transit permits from the railways involved in the vehicle carriage process,
  • ensuring the number of wagons needed to carry the vehicles,
  • loading and anchoring on wagons the vehicles, trucks or road tankers,
  • dismantling the headlights, windshield cleaners, accumulators etc., loading them into the cabin, coverage of windows and fragile parts with protection material,
  • delivering the loaded wagons to the railway station,
  • paying the related amounts to the loading station (manoeuvre, parking of wagons/TOU),
  • in case of special machinery and trucks – the copies of contact keys shall be sent to the recipient by express mail. Such keys are often lost on the way and the recipient cannot unload the vehicles from the wagon, which means great expenses related to the payment of hourly rate for wagon use as well as the guard service in the station.
  • provision of escort guard (if the customer requests it).
  • Rail transport between the loading station and the destination point,
  • Daily localization of waggons.

Sea transport of vehicles.

The Company Simplextrans uses often the combined transport of vehicles (by sea and by rail). In case of small consignments, vehicles are loaded on a Ro-Ro vessel and carried to the unloading port, where they are transhiped on rail wagons. In case of large consignments we can use bulk vessels, and the vehicles are loaded in the belly by using a crane. Sea transport is used most frequently for deliveries from Europe, Turkey, USA, China, South Korea to the CIS countries.

Below you may find some cases of carriage of vehicles conducted by the transport company Simplextrans: