Freight transportation for military organizations and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.

Simplextrans has experience in railway transportation of commercial and diplomatic cargo belonging to the armies of the United States and NATO, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), non-governmental organizations and diplomatic missions.

This type of traffic is associated with a number of specific issues, such as obtaining a permit for transit by rail and requires a lot of pre-preparatory work by the shipper and consignee of the goods, and by the forwarding company.

Currently, Simplextrans transports to Afghanistan following cargoes through the ports of Poti and Batumi (Georgia) and Mersin (Turkey):

  • transportation in Afghanistan of large wheeled vehicles for military organizations
  • transportation of cars in the special wagons from the stations Poti, Tbilisi, Batumi, Georgia.
  • transportation of construction materials, food products
  • transportation in Afghanistan of goods in the private containers
  • transportation in Afghanistan of frozen meat in the refrigerator wagons from the ports of Poti and Batumi.

Below you can see some traffic, implemented for military organizations in Afghanistan: