Transport of cargo from Bulgaria to CIS countries.

Transportation of cargoes from Bulgaria to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries and in the reverse direction – one of the services provided by the company Simplextrans. We provide transportation in Bulgaria both in the export-import regime, as well as in transit mode (in case of cargoes transportation from Turkey or Europe).

Options for cargo transportation from Bulgaria / to Bulgaria /from / to CIS countries:

  • Delivery of cargoes from / to Bulgaria using ferry lines Varna – Kavkaz (Russia), Varna – Chernomorsk Paromnaya (former Ilyichevsk), Varna – Poti / Batumi (Georgia). In this case, the cargo is loaded in the trucks and is delivered to the Varna station-ferry, where takes place the transshipment of cargo from trucks into wagons. Then, the wagons are delivered to Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, by sea on the ferry, wherefrom overland they are proceeding to the destination station.
  • Rail transportations with wagons from Bulgaria to the station of Ungheni Moldova or Vadul-Siret (Ukraine) with a further transshipment in CIS wagons. By this option of cargoes delivery from Bulgaria to the CIS countries the consignors is loading the European wagon at the railway station of Bulgaria, then the cargo is transiting Romania and comes to the CIS entry station – Ungheni (Moldova) or Vadul-Siret (Ukraine). Here takes place the cargoes transshipment from the eurowagons into the CIS wagons and their further shipment to the destination station. The same scheme, but in the opposite direction, is working for cargoes delivery to Bulgaria.
  • Cargoes transportation with containers from Bulgaria in the ports of Georgia or Russia with further transshipment into wagons. This variant of carriage from Bulgaria is rarely used, due to the fact that, this variant losses in delivery price and time to the option of using direct ferry service across Varna. In this case, the maritime containers are given for loading to the warehouse of the sender in Bulgaria and then return laden in the port of Burgas (Bulgaria), where they are loaded on the ship and sail to the ports of Novorossiysk (Russia), Odessa, Chernomorsk (Ukraine) or Poti (Georgia). And here, the cargo is unloaded from containers and loaded into wagons, after that they are going by railway to the destination country.
  • Delivery of cargo from Bulgaria according to the scheme “ship – wagons”. This decision to deliver cargoes from Bulgaria is used for large consignments (at least 1 000 tons / batch). For the beginning, the cargo is taken away by trucks or wagons to the loading port in Bulgaria, where is consolidating the shipload. When the entire cargo is already in the port of Bulgaria, there is given the ship and takes place the transshipment from the warehouse onto the ship. The ship is sailing to the ports of Ukraine, Russia or Georgia, where it is already carried out the reload on wagons and the ultimate railway delivery of cargoes to the destination station.
  • Carriage of the wheeled and tracked machinery from Bulgaria using ferry lines. In the case of transportation of wheeled or tracked machinery (excavators, bulldozers, mobile cranes, drill trucks, graders) from Bulgaria to the CIS countries, we deliver the machinery by road transport in the port of Varna or Burgas and from there on Ro-Ro ship they are transported to the ports of Poti, Batumi (Georgia), Chernomorsk (Ukraine) or Kavkaz (Russia). After rolling out the machinery from the Ro-Ro ship we execute its loading and lashing on railway platforms, open top wagons or low bed wagons and final delivery by rail to the address of the consignee.

A list of cargoes transported from Bulgaria to the CIS countries and in the reverse direction

The transport company Simplextrans carries out the delivery of the following goods from Bulgaria to the CIS countries:

  • transportation from Bulgaria to the CIS countries of the wheeled and tracked machinery, road-construction machinery
  • delivery of wine and fruit and vegetable preservation from Bulgaria to the countries of CIS
  • railway transportation of household appliances from Bulgaria to the CIS countries
  • delivery of ceramic tiles and construction materials to Bulgaria from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
  • rail transportation of lumbers from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia to Bulgaria.
  • railway transportation of transit cargoes from Turkey through Bulgaria
  • delivery of other cargoes from/ to Bulgaria.

Below you can see pictures of some carriages from Bulgaria to the CIS countries, as well as in transit through Bulgaria, carried out by the company «Simplextrans»:

Cost calculation of the cargo delivery from Bulgaria to the CIS countries:

For cost calculation of cargo delivery from/ to Bulgaria in the CIS countries please send us the following information about the load on our email :

  • loading place
  • delivery place
  • cargo name, product code
  • the amount of cargo, volume
  • type of package, weight and dimensions of packages
  • information on the admissibility of cargo transshipment from one transport on another.