Rail freight transport to rail station of Aqina Afghanistan

The rail section Atamyrat – Imamnazar (Turkmenistan) – Aqina (Afghanistan) was officially opened on 28 November 2016. This section has a total length of 88 km, of which 85 km in Turkmenistan and 3 km in Afghanistan.

The border point Imamnazar – Aqina is the second point of direct connection between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan (the first one is Serkhetabat – Towraghondi) and it allows direct delivery of freight by rail from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, by avoiding any transit through Uzbekistan.

The construction of the next railway section in Afghanistan, from Aqina to Andkhoy, and subsequently the section Adkhoy – Pyandzh, in the North of Afghanistan, is planned in the near future. The total length of the new section will be approximately 400 km. The estimate cost of the project is USD 400 million.

The transport company Simplextrans provides the following services of freight rail transport to Aqina station (Afghanistan):

  • Freight rail transport with wagons to Aqina station (Afghanistan),
  • Rail transport with containers to Aqina station. The container terminal of Aqina allows the handling of containers, their loading and unloading in/from waggons and special trucks for subsequent carriage inside Afghanistan.
  • Rail carriage of oversized cargo to Aqina station (excavators, graders, construction machinery etc.)

To receive a price quotation for railway transport to Aqina station, please send a request to our e-mail manager@simplextrans.com

 Below you may see some photos of Aqina rail station.