Simplextrans excels in sea transportation, handling shipload quantities between ports in CIS and European countries, Turkey, Georgia, and Turkmenistan, utilizing vessels of various capacities.

We predominantly employ two types of vessels:

  • “River-Sea” Vessels: With capacities ranging from 1500 to 5000 tons, these vessels are ideal for transporting dry cargo such as cement in big bags, construction materials, plastic and metal pipes, metal frameworks, and more.
  • “Ro-Ro” Vessels: Specifically designed for the transport of wheeled and oversized equipment.

In addition to ship chartering, Simplextrans offers a comprehensive array of services for sea cargo transport, including port loading/unloading operations, forwarding, and additional port-related services. We specialize in cargo transshipment following ship-railway cars/truck/container schemes, both ways, and provide end-to-end delivery services.

To obtain sea freight rates, kindly provide the following information:

  • Cargo details, including name, description, and characteristics (cargo stowage factor, dimensions, and weight of the loading unit, hazardous characteristics)
  • Quantity of cargo
  • Ports of loading/unloading
  • Key transport conditions outlined in the contract
  • Loading/unloading norms
  • Ship placement deadlines
  • Initial idea of the freight rate
  • Contact details of the charterer (name, full address, telex, email, phone numbers)