Transports in Afghanistan.

It has to be said from the beginning that the railway network in Afghanistan is very poorly developed. Because of this, the train stations from Afghanistan often have trouble coping with the volume of cargo being transported which leads to “traffic jams” in train stations from neighboring countries (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)

Simplextrans makes transports from Turkey, the United States, European countries and CIS to Afghanistan on the following routes:

1) in the case of transports involving maritime containers or in the case of large shipments (thousands of tones), the load is transported by ship in the ports in Georgia (Poti or Batumi) and later transshipped to rail wagons, which are then sent to Hairatan, Mazar-e-Sharif or Towraghondi stations in Afghanistan.

2) in the case of transports in maritime containers, often these are sent through European ports such as Riga, Rotterdam, Gdansk, Hamburg etc. where from they are directed by train to Afghanistan through the border crossing points at Galaba ot Serhetabat.

3) transports by trucks from Turkey to the western part of Afghanistan through Iran.

The majority of railway transports to Afghanistan is made through the border crossing at Galaba / Hairatan (Uzbekistan – Afghanistan). The rail wagons and the containers are turned over from Uzbekistan to the Hairatan and Mazar-e-Sharif stations (Afghanistan) through the Galaba train station.

Sometimes, the cargo is delivered using the port of Termez Uzbekistan. In such situation, the wagons with cargo are delivered in the port of Termez and after the cargo is reloaded on the small river ship and transported in the port of Hairatan Afghanistan on the river Amudaria.

In the case of transports to the region of Herat (Afghanistan), the border crossing at Serhetabat – Turgundi (Towraghondi) from Turkmenistan into Afghanistan is used.

At Hairatan, Mazar-e-Sharif and Turgundi stations the train cars / container are transshipped in trucks and are transported towards the final customer in Afghanistan.

Railway freight transportation to Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan

Simplextrans offers complimentary services in Afghanistan:

  • Payment of expenses in train terminals at Hairaton, Mezar-e-Sharif  and Turgundi stations and transshipment of the cargo from rail wagons / containers to trucks
  • Transport by trucks from rail terminal towards the final customer in Afghanistan
  • Transport of the commercial and diplomatic cargos, of loads that belong to the US Army, NATO, ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) and non-governmental organizations.
  • Finalizing import customs procedures in Afghanistan, help in obtaining fiscal exemptions for loads wich are exonerated from paying import taxes (Tax Exemption)
  • Insuring military guard for transport of cargo by trucks within Afghanistan.