Guard services of cargo by the conductors.

“Simplextrans” provides guard services of cargo transported by the railway by own conductors. This service is demanded very often in the case of transportation of an expensive cargo and equipment in moving open railway wagons (construction machinery, drilling machines, trucks, etc.).

In this case, two conductors are sitting in a separate equipped wagon and escort the cargo from the departure station to the destination station.

Advantages of protection the cargo by conductors:

  • the cargo is under constant control of our conductors who are fully liable for the safety of cargo since its transmission by the sender under the protection of conductors and before handing over to the consignee at the destination station;
  • there is a constant telephone communication with the conductors that allows us to identify instantly the encountered problems on the way (the errors in the shipping and customs documents, unlashing of the cargo  due to shaking, technical problems with the railway wagons, etc.);
  • the presence of the conductors allows reducing the terms of cargo delivery.

Disadvantages of protection the cargo by conductors:

The escort of the cargo by the conductors is a rather expensive service because in addition to the payment of conductors’ services there are additional costs which increase the cost of escort, namely:

  • the rail freight of the empty railway wagon and the payment for the ride of the conductors along the whole route;
  • payment for tickets for the train / plane for the conductors back home;
  • warming of the railway wagon, the equipping with beds,  potbelly stove cost, the cost of firewood and coal;
  • station charges in the station of departure and destination.

Below you can see how a warmed wagon looks like.