Guard services of cargo by the conductors.

At Simplextrans, we offer dedicated cargo protection services facilitated by our own conductors during railway transportation. This service is particularly sought after when dealing with valuable cargo and equipment transported in open railway cars, including construction machinery, drilling equipment, trucks, and more.

In this setup, two conductors occupy a specially equipped wagon, accompanying the cargo from the departure station to its final destination.

Advantages of Cargo Protection by Conductors:

  1. Constant Control:
    • Our conductors maintain continuous supervision over the cargo, assuming full responsibility for its safety from the sender’s transmission to the consignee at the destination station.
  2. Immediate Problem Identification:
    • Constant telephone communication with conductors enables instant identification and resolution of encountered problems en route, such as shipping and customs document errors, cargo unlashing due to shaking, technical issues with the railway cars, and more.
  3. Reduced Delivery Time:
    • The presence of conductors contributes to a reduction in cargo delivery times.

Disadvantages of Cargo Protection by Conductors:

  1. Cost Implications:
    • Escorting cargo with conductors is a relatively expensive service due to additional costs, including:
      • Rail freight for the empty railway car and payment for the conductors’ journey along the entire route.
      • Ticket expenses for the conductors’ return journey via train/plane.
      • Heating costs for the railway car, including bed setup, potbelly stove, firewood, and coal.
      • Station charges at the departure and destination stations.

Below, you can visualize the interior of a heated wagon.