Carriage of special machinery

Simplextrans conducts rail and sea carriage of special machinery (fire engines trucks, special vehicles, sanitation vehicles, ambulances, military equipment etc.). Carriage of special machinery may be conducted in CIS and Baltic countries as well as in Europe, Turkey, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Iran, China, South Korea.

List of services related to the carriage of special machinery:

  • measurement by our experts of the machinery to be carried at the loading station,
  • developing the plan on loading and fixing the special machinery on wagons and approving it,
  • loading and anchoring the special machinery and delivery of loaded wagons to the loading station,
  • rail transport of special machinery to stations of CIS countries, Europe, Turkey, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan,
  • provision of escort guard (if the customer requests it),
  • sea carriage of special machinery from USA, Europe, Turkey, China, Korea, CIS countries.

Costs related to the carriage of special machinery

To calculate the costs related to the carriage of special machinery, please send to the e-mail address the following information:

  • the loading and delivery places of special machinery,
  • packing list with the size and weight of each item carried,
  • three-projection drawings of oversized equipment,
  • special requirements and other services requested by the customer.

Below you may find some cases of carriage of special machinery conducted by the company Simplextrans: