Transports from Europe in CIS Countries.

Simplextrans facilitates cargo transports from Europe along the following primary routes:

  1. From Germany:
    • Including Hamburg port
    • From Austria, France, and Switzerland
  2. From Poland:
    • Including Gdansk port, Gdynia, and border crossings at Małaszewicze/Brest, Hrubieszow/Izov, Medyka/Mostiska
  3. From Belgium:
    • Including the terminal and the port of Antwerp
  4. From Holland:
    • Including the terminal and the harbor from Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  5. From Romania:
    • Including Constanţa port, Galaţi, Tulcea, and rail border crossings at Galaţi/Giurgiulesti, Cristeşti Jijia/Ungheni, Dorneşti/Vadul Siret, Halmeu/Diakovo
  6. From Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary:
    • Through Zahony, Cierna-nad-Tisou/Chop stations
  7. From Spain
  8. From Italy
  9. From Portugal
  10. From Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland:
Rail freight transportation services from Europe to CIS countries

Europeans Rail Map

Simplextrans transports cargo from Europe utilizing the following logistic means:

  • Transporting by Trucks with Transshipment to CIS Rail Wagons:
    • Cargo loaded at the exporter’s warehouse in Europe
    • Transported by trucks to the rail terminal at the border
    • Transshipped to CIS (MPS/Private) rail wagon with finalized transportation documentation
  • Direct Loading to CIS (MPS) Rail Wagons in European Countries:
    • Loading directly in CIS train cars in European countries (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) without later transshipment
    • Decreases the risk of cargo deterioration during transport
    • Transshipment may occur when a wide gauge rail line does not exist
  • Transporting in European Rail Wagons with Transshipment in CIS Rail Wagons:
    • Cargo loaded in European train cars in Europe
    • Transshipped to CIS (MPS) wagons at the CIS station using special tools or by hand
  • Transporting in Private (Bought) Containers:
    • Cargo transported in shipper’s containers or containers purchased by Simplextrans
    • No need for cargo transshipment
    • Assistance with selling the container at the destination station upon customer’s request to reduce transportation costs
  • Multimodal Transportations – Maritime Container to Rail Container/Wagon or Truck:
    • Loading directly at the exporter’s warehouse in a line container
    • Shipped to the harbor and placed on a boat in the CIS port
    • Offloaded to a 20”/40” rail container or wagon or transported by lorry to the final destination
  • Transporting with Naval Ships from EU Countries to Ports in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, or Baltic Countries:
    • Used for large quantities of shipment
    • Optimal solution for time and price to transport large quantities of cargo
    • Transshipment in rail wagons or trucks at the destination port