Rail and sea transportation of goods to Mongolia

Simplextrans provides rail and sea transportation of goods to Mongolia and in the opposite direction.

Methods of delivery of goods to Mongolia:

  1. Railway transportation of goods: Goods are transported to/from Mongolia in railway cars and containers through the border crossing of Naushki/Sukhbaatar.  The wide Soviet gauge (1,520 mm) enters Mongolia, allowing wagons to reach the final stations of the Mongolian railway without changing the wagons’ axles or reloading cargo.

  2. Container shipping of goods: Container shipping to Mongolia via the port of Xingang (Tianjin), China. Containers are further delivered by rail to Ulan Bator, Tolgoit, and other destinations.

The main cargoes and delivery routes to Mongolia:

  • Rail transportation of goods from Belarus: Food and consumer goods, including milk powder, juices, soft drinks, confectionery, furniture, and building materials. Delivery is typically done in containers belonging to Belarus railway or in universal wagons.
  • Rail transportation from Georgia: Green tea, wine, vodka to Mongolia. Delivery is primarily in covered railway cars and occasionally in purchased private containers.
  • Food delivery from Europe to Mongolia: Goods are picked up by trucks from the shipper’s warehouse in Europe. Delivery to the Brest rail station (Belarus), where cargo is transshipped to Belarusian containers or covered wagons. Further delivery to Mongolia by rail.
  • Rail transportation from Romania: Chipboard and MDF boards transported from Dornesti Romania to Mongolia. Wagons with a capacity of 150/158 m3 provided directly to the shipper’s warehouse in Romania.
  • Railway transportation of large diameter tires: From Romania and Belarus to Mongolia, designed for mining trucks with a diameter exceeding 3 meters.
  • Rail transportation from Ukraine and Russia: Sunflower oil, food, and industrial products to Mongolia.
  • Cargo delivery from Turkey, the USA, Europe to Mongolia via Xingang (Tianjin) port, China: Containers are further delivered by rail to Ulan Bator, Tolgoit, and other rail stations. Although this route offers a low delivery price, it comes with an extended delivery time (may exceed 90 days) and restrictions from China on the transit of dangerous goods and certain food products.

Below, you can find photos of some transportations from the CIS, Europe, and Turkey to Mongolia, organized by Simplextrans.

Simplextrans offers additional services in Mongolia:

  • Payment for services in rail terminals at Mongolian stations (including Ulan-Bator rail station)
  • The transport of the container and the cargo by lorry from the rail station to the warehouse of the final customer.
  • Buying / selling the containers in Mongolia which serves as a means of transportation of the cargo from European countries and CIS to / from Mongolia
  • Help with getting the agreement of the Railways of Mongolia and CIS to coordinate the transports by the rail administrations.

The price of delivery of goods to Mongolia

If you need to know the cost of delivery of goods to Mongolia, please send the following information to our email address manager@simplextrans.com :

  • name of cargo (customs code of goods)
  • cargo hazard class (if any)
  • loading place
  • station of discharge in Mongolia
  • weight and volume of cargo, type and dimensions of packaging
  • the possibility of goods reloading from the trucks to the containers or wagons.
Mongolian Raiilway Route Map

Mongolian Railway Route Map