Railway freight transportations (CIS, Europe, Asia).

The main area of business of the «Simplextrans» is railway transportations in CIS, Europe and Asia countries.

Having a good partnership with the railway administrations, shipping companies and ferry operators, «Simplextrans» has many options for cargo delivery from Turkey, Europe in CIS countries, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan, thus we always have the opportunity to choose the most optimal route based on the cost of transportation and delivery terms.

«Simpextrans» provides the following types of railway transports:

1) transportation of goods in wagons:

  • with the loading in european or TCDD railway wagons (Turkish railway wagons) in Europe/Turkey with the further cargo transfer into the CIS railway wagons
  • with direct loading into the CIS railway wagons (railway wagons which belong to Railway Administrations) without further cargo transfer and delivery by ferry to the territory of CIS countries.

2) transportation of cargo in containers:

  • in COC containers (in the carrier’s containers – property of the sea line or of the railway).
  • in SOC containers (in own containers – this containers belong to freight forwarder or containers purchased by us at the request of our clients).

3) transportation of outsized (non-standard) goods:

  • transportation from Turkey, Europe, USA, Korea, China of the excavators and other construction equipment (metal structures and equipment of large size, etc. )

4) transportation of large shipments (project transport):

  • if there is one large shipment for delivery from Turkey, Egypt, Europe etc. there is a possibility to reduce greatly the cost of the transportation through the use of the multimodal transportation “ship- railway wagons” option. In this case, the cargo is firstly delivered by the ship in one of the ports of the CIS with further transshipment to railway wagons.

«Simplextrans» provides additional services related to the organization of railway transportations from Europe, CIS and Turkey, namely:

  • ordering and railway wagons supply for loading;
  • cargo delivery from the warehouse of the shipper to the railway station or port by road;
  • loading / unloading of wagons at the station from the truck into the wagon and vice versa;
  • transshipment from trucks into wagons or ships in the ports, etc.;
  • preparation of shipping documents (CIM/SMGS, Bill of lading, etc);
  • customs formalities (on additional agreement with the client).