Tracking the movement of cargo

On the basis of contracts with Information Computing Centre of railways «Simplextrans» provides to its clients wagon / container tracking services in transit on all railways of CIS countries and Baltic States. The tracking on the Turkish railways and Europe is made in the manual mode.

This service allows the client to know where his wagon / container with cargo at this very moment is. Very often, the monitoring helps to identify the fact of detention of the railway wagons at the border stations which deliver the clients from the penalty charging for a simple railway wagon due to mistakes in the documents.

At the request of our clients we have the possibility to provide tracking of cargo on weekends and holidays which is important when planning the unloading and the customs clearance of cargo at the destination station.

Please send us the following information to find out where your railway wagon is:

  • the number of the railway wagon / container;
  • departure station;
  • destination station;
  • the date of departure.

This is a paid service. But the clients who forward the railway wagons with our company receive the tracking service for free.