Transportation of extra-sized, oversized and heavyweight cargo.

Oversized (non-standard) cargo are cargo which exceeds established maximum allowable dimensions (length, height, width, weight).

At the railway transport to this type of cargo can be referred loads with the weight which exceeds 60 tons, length – 14 m (length of a standard platform 13,3 m), width – 3,25 m, height – 4 m. At this, the maximum weight of cargo is limited to 500 tons and the possibility of transportation by the size of tunnels and bridges, as well as the low carrying capacity of them.

The railway transportation of the outsized cargo is the best option for their transportation, especially on medium and long distances. 20 tons – is the standard limit for most trucks, but by the railway transport can be transported cargo of almost any weight (up to 500 tons).

Most often «Simplextrans» performs the following transportations of outsized equipment from Turkey, Europe, South Korea to the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan etc.) and in the opposite direction:

  • transportation of construction machinery (excavators, bulldozers, graders, trucks)
  • transportation of drilling rigs, earth digging machinery, stone crushing machines
  • transportation of metal constructions
  • transportation of large equipment (parts of cement, chemical factories, mills, etc.).

In order to start the elaboration of this kind of oversized transportation we need to get from the client the drawings of the outsized positions in several projections indicating the size, the information about weight and the name of the goods, about the route, time and volume of transportation.

We carry out the whole process of transportation of the outsized cargo in several stages:

  • Development of the lashing scheme of the cargo on the wagon (platform, gondola wagon, transporter);
  • Approval of the developed scheme in the Outsized Administration Department of the railway.

Below you can see how a designed securing scheme of the outsized cargo on the wagon looks like:

  • File application for the loading plan and transportation coordination with all transit roads
  • Purchasing of lashing materials
  • Supply of the railway wagon to the loading branch, loading and cargo lashing in accordance with the agreed scheme
  • In the case of transportation of special equipment – removal of headlights, wipers, batteries, etc. and their loading into the cabin, sealing glass and fragile items with protective material (plywood, plastic foam).
  • In ports – preparation of the transit declaration, appearing as the sender on behalf of the sender (it is necessary to obtain a warrant of attorney from the sender)
  • Processing of the SMGS rail bill and the loading list
  • Delivery of cargo to the railway
  • Payment of railway station charges (supply and cleaning of the railway wagons, down time)
  • Photographing of the cargo and the provision of photos of the performed work to the customer by e-mail
  • In the case of special equipment – to make keys duplicate and send the second copy of the keys by express mail services. Since it often happens that keys are lost in transit, the consignee can not unload the equipment at the destination station. This implies huge costs for the down time and for the guarding of the railway wagons waiting for the second copy of the keys.
  • Guarding of cargo by the conductors who ride in a separate wagon (only on client’s request).

Please note that the time to obtain all permits, charts, fixtures and to dispatch the cargo can take from 5 to 7 days (in ports) up to 3-5 weeks (for loading on inland stations). Therefore we always ask the clients to declare the cargo for transportation and provide all necessary documents in advance.

When transporting oversized cargo from Turkey and Europe to the CIS countries our company delivers the cargo from the customer’s warehouse to the port by means of low bed trucks with further transshipment to the ferry / ship / container and delivery in the ports of Ukraine, Russia or Georgia. Here the cargo is transshipped and fixed on railway wagons and sent to the recipient’s address.

In some cases, the outsized cargo is delivered from Turkey directly to the railway station of the CIS where it is transshipped on railway wagons.

Below you can see some photos with oversized carriages performed by our company.