Transports from China to CIS countries.

Simplextrans offers the following transport services in China:

1) maritime transport with containers from China, which follows the steps listed below:

  • Transport of the container by trucks to the warehouse of the exporter from China where the cargo is loaded in the container
  • Returning the loaded container in the Chinese port
  • Finalizing the export documentation
  • Loading the container onto the ship
  • Transport by ship from China to the offloading port
  • Offloading the container from the ship to the terminal
  • Finalizing the transit/import documentation in the offloading port
  • Delivery of the container to the final addressee by lorry or railway

2) transports by railway from China are made by Simplextrans on the following routes:

  • Rail transports from China to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan through the border crossing at Alashankou – Dostyk and Altynkol / Horgos (China – Kazahstan). The transport is made in Chinese rail wagons with transshipment in CIS wagons or in private containers.
  • Transport by railway from China into Russia and the CIS countries through the border crossings at Zabaikalsk and Zamyn-Ude / Naushki in Chinese train cars with transshipment in CIS wagons and in private containers.
Rail freight transportation from China

Map of railways network in China

Simplextrans offers additional transport services for cargos from China by rail:

  • Insuring the private container or the truck for loading at the exporter’s warehouse in China
  • Transporting the cargo or the private container by truck from the transporter’s warehouse to the rail terminal in China.
  • Loading of the container onto the platform or transshipment of the cargo from a lorry in a covered / open top wagon or a platform.
  • Payment of the additional taxes at the rail terminal
  • Filling in the transport documentation and the declaration of export.

Below you can find photos of some transportations from China to the CIS countries, arranged by Simplextrans: