Please find below some of the transports successfully delivered by Simplextrans:

1.) Delivery of road construction equipment from Turkey to Aqina station Afghanistan via the port of Alat Azerbaijan

2.) Delivery of equipment for the production of gypsum, gypsum products and chalk from the port of Izmir Turkey to the station Kokand-1 Uzbekistan.

3.) Delivery of rubber crumb from South Korea to Aqina rail station Afghanistan with transshipment in the port of Alat Azerbaijan

4.) Multimodal transportation of OSB from the “Egger” plant (Radauti, Romania) to Tolgoit rail station Mongolia.

5.) Transportation of margarine (palm oil) from Malaysia to Mary rail station Turkmenistan with transshipment in the port of Poti Georgia

6.) Transportation of polypropylene film in rolls and equipment from Mary Turkmenistan to the port of Constanta Romania

7.) Multimodal transportation of textile equipment from China to Mary Turkmenistan