Transports via the Poti and Batumi ports in Georgia.

The Poti and Batumi ports in Georgia are the linking points when it comes to transports from Turkey, the Near East, Europe to the countries in central Asia and Afghanistan.

The advantages of the ports of Poti and Batumi:

  • from the statistics for 2016 of the Georgian Railway Company results that they posses of an adequate number of wagons, which annuls the need to rent private wagons, of paying their rent and of the trip back with them empty.
  • the simplicity of customs procedures
  • it offers the best price for transports to countries in the Middle East

The disadvantages of ports of Poti and Batumi:

  • the Georgian railway does not have any 20-foot and 40-foot containers
  • the permanent blockages in the ports of Alyat (Baku), Turkmenbashi and Aktau or Kuryk, as well as in boarder stations with Afghanistan (Serkhetabad towards Turghundi and Galaba towards Hairaton station) lead to an increase in transit time for transports made from the port of Poti and Batumi.

Transports through the ports of Poti and Batumi are made in 3 main directions:

  • transports into Azerbaijan, Rusia through the customs point of Samur/Yalama
  • transports into Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan,  Uzbekistan by means of the Alyat (Baku) -Turkmenbasi ferry
  • transports into Kazahstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan by using the Alyat (Baku) -Aktau or Kuryk ferry

Simplextrans is offering the following transport services in Poti and Batumi harbors:

  • naval transport from Turkey into Poti and Batumi harbors
  • container transport from any port in the world into Poti and Batumi ports
  • transshipping of cargo from maritime containers into wagons in the ports of Poti and Batumi
  • transshipping services from ship to railway cars
  • transshipping of cargo from trucks into train cars with their expedition by rail to their destination
  • expedition services by using ferryboat train lines  from the ports of Poti and Batumi
  • transport of oversized cargo through the port of Poti and Batumi (construction equipment, big rigs, metallic constructions etc.)
  • transshipping of private containers from the ship onto fitting type railway platforms and their transport by rail (including transports of military loads in Afghanistan to the Armed Forces of USA, NATO, ISAF etc.)
  • storage services in Poti and Batumi harbors.

Below you can view examples with pictures of loads being transported by Simplextrans through the port of Poti and Batumi: