Please find below some of the transports successfully delivered by Simplextrans:

1.) Delivery on wagons of trucks “Tatra” from the Czech Republic to station Ulaanbaatar and Zamyn Ude Mongolia.

 2.) Railway transportation of equipment from Astana Kazakhstan to the port of Derince Turkey via ferry Ilyichevsk – Derince.

 3.) Multimodal transportation of tracked and wheeled vehicles VOLVO from the port of Izmir, Turkey to the station Almaty, Kazakhstan via ferry Derince – Ilyichevsk.

 4.) Transport of the road-building machinery and stone crushing equipment from Turkey to the station Chiili (Kyzylorda) Kazakhstan.

5.) Delivery of metal coils from Istanbul, Turkey to Afghanistan Hairatan station to the engineering troops in Afghanistan (US Army Corps of Engineers – USACE).

6.) Multimodal shipping of PVC film from the port of Izmir, Turkey to the station of Petropavlovsk Kazakhstan via the port of Odessa Ukraine.

7.) Delivery of modular container with a compressor from Leipzig, Germany to the station of Belkul Kazakhstan.

8.) Railway transportation of milk replacer from the station Çerkezkoy Turkey to Almaty Kazakhstan with cargo reloading in the station of Ungheni Moldova.

9.) Delivery by railway of excavator Volvo EC-360 from Klaipeda Lithuania to the station Almaty, Kazakhstan.

10.) Railway transportation of the superstructure of the excavator UDS 114 from Slovakia to Don station Kazakhstan via station Chop Ukraine.