Transports to / from Iran.

Simplextrans makes rail transports and multimodal transports to / from Iran on the following routes:

  • Transports from Turkey, Europe and the CIS countries to Iran through the border crossing Sarakhs / Mashhad and Akyaila / Incheburun. At Sarahs and Etrek stations in Turkmenistan the wagons are transferred from a wide gauge rail line to bogies with a narrow gauge (the transfer capacity is about 120-150 train cars per day) and they are taken in Iran to the Mashhad and Inche Burun stations. From here, the cargo is transported into Iran or into other countries with transshipment to a ship or to containers in ports like Bandar Imam and Bandar Abbas.
  • Rail freight transports from Turkey to Iran thought the crossing station at Razi (Turkey – Iran). This itinerary is used for transporting cargo both in Iran and farther into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia.
  • Transport of the cargo in containers in Iran through Bandar Abbas port – from any point in the world the container is loaded on a ship and then sailed to Bandar Abbas harbor. Here, the container is offloaded from the ship and loaded on lorries or train cars or it’s transshipped onto a container on lorries and transported to the final customer in Iran or the neighboring countries (including CIS countries). In case of large shipments, naval transport is used through Bandar Abbas harbor with transshipping onto lorries or wagons or rail containers.
Transports to Iran

Iran railways network