Port services in ports of Turkey, Europe and CIS countries.

Cargo transshipment is transshipment or transfer of cargo from one type of transport to another or from one means of transport to another.

When transporting goods from Turkey, Egypt, Europe, CIS countries the transshipment in ports presents an integral part of the supply chain because in most cases the transportation is carried out with the use of water transport.

Cargo transshipment in ports is carried out in 2 ways:

  • Direct cargo transshipment without the use of the warehouse, that is, directly cargo transshipment from one cargo transport to another. The transshipment of various goods is done according to the following schemes: “railway wagon- ship / container”, “container / ship – railway wagon”, “vehicle – ship / container”, “container / ship-vehicle”, “vehicle – railway wagon”, “railway wagon – vehicle”, “line container – railway container”. The direct transshipment is usually used for small shipments.
  • Transshipment of cargo in warehouse terminals for temporary storage with subsequent loading. Freight terminals of our agents are always situated in the immediate vicinity of the loading / unloading place that allows to do it quickly and cost-effective.

In addition to transshipment «Simplextrans» provides the following additional services at ports, namely:

  • Delivery of cargo by rail and road to the port of shipment
  • Chartering of ships, the organization of the sea transportation, the organization of the survey services
  • Supplying of empty containers for loading and delivery of loaded container to the port of departure
  • Port forwarding, reception, storage, accumulation of ship consignments
  • Development and approval of the lashing scheme of the outsized cargo on the wagons
  • Ordering of railway wagons at the railway stations
  • Loading and lashing of the outsized cargo in the railway wagons
  • Custom services, preparation of the transit, import and export declarations and of the shipping documents
  • Organization of transport using ferries.

Below you can find photos of some of the goods transported by us.

There is a list of some of the goods transported from Europe and Turkey to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction through the ports:

  • Big construction machinery and equipment both overall and outsized (excavators, graders, tractors, drilling rigs and others)
  • Cement and other building materials in big bags and on pallets
  • Rolled metal products and metal constructions
  • Products from synthetic mass (plastic pipes, mineral wool)
  • Coal, ore, alumina grains
  • Grain crops
  • Any other goods.