Rail transport and maritime with containers into Mongolia.

Simplextrans has a wide experience in transporting loads to and from Mongolia.

We can offer the following solutions of transporting loads to Mongolia:

  • Transport from any corner of the world in maritime containers through the Xingang port in China – the cargo arrives in Xingang harbor in maritime containers where they are offloaded from the ship and loaded on the rail platform heading for their addressee in Mongolia. Once there, the container is offloaded at the addressee’s warehouse and is returned by train to Xingang harbor to be given back to the naval company.
  • Transports by railway through the Naushki / Sukhe-Bator border crossing – it’s a much faster solution but not always offering the best price. Because the gauge of the rail lines from Mongolia is identical to the one in CIS countries, there is no need to change bogies/axes or to make transshipment.

Simplextrans offers additional services in Mongolia:

  • Payment for services in rail terminals at Mongolian stations (including Ulan-Bator rail station)
  • The transport of the container and the cargo by lorry from the rail station to the warehouse of the final customer.
  • Buying / selling the containers in Mongolia which serves as a means of transportation of the cargo from European countries and CIS to / from Mongolia
  • Help with getting the agreement of the Railways of Mongolia and CIS to coordinate the transports by the rail administrations.
Mongolian Raiilway Route Map

Mongolian Railway Route Map