Railway freight transportations (CIS, Europe, Asia).

Simplextrans specializes primarily in railway transportation services within CIS, Europe, and Asian countries.

With strong partnerships established with railway administrations, shipping companies, and ferry operators, Simplextrans boasts a multitude of options for efficient cargo delivery from Turkey and Europe to CIS countries, Mongolia, Iran, and Afghanistan. This collaborative network ensures a diverse range of transportation routes, allowing us to consistently select the most optimal path based on both cost-effectiveness and delivery timelines.

At Simplextrans, we offer a comprehensive array of railway transport services, including:

  1. Railway Car Transportation:
    • Loading in European or TCDD railway cars (Turkish railway cars) in Europe/Turkey, followed by cargo transfer into CIS railway cars.
    • Direct loading into CIS railway cars (property of Railway Administrations) without intermediate cargo transfer, followed by ferry delivery to CIS countries.
  2. Container Transportation:
    • Utilizing COC containers (carrier’s containers – property of the sea line or railway).
    • Employing SOC containers (own containers – belonging to the freight forwarder or containers procured by us upon client request).
  3. Outsized (Non-Standard) Goods Transportation:
    • Handling transportation from Turkey, Europe, USA, Korea, China, including excavators, construction equipment, and large-sized metal structures.
  4. Large Shipments (Project Transport):
    • For singular large shipments from Turkey, Egypt, Europe, etc., cost-effective transportation is achieved through the innovative “ship-railway cars” multimodal option.
    • This involves initial delivery by ship to one of the CIS ports, followed by seamless transshipment to railway cars, resulting in significant cost reduction for transportation.

Simplextrans provides additional services related to the organization of railway transportations from Europe, CIS and Turkey, namely:

  • ordering railway cars to supply for loading;
  • cargo delivery from the warehouse of the shipper to the railway station or port by road;
  • loading / unloading of railway cars at the station from the truck into the railway cars and vice versa;
  • transshipment from trucks into railway cars or ships in the ports, etc.;
  • preparation of shipping documents (CIM/SMGS, Bill of lading, etc);
  • customs formalities (on additional agreement with the client).