Maritime container transportation

 «Simplextrans» carries sea container transportations from Turkey, China, USA, Europe, Asia, America and Africa to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other CIS countries and in the opposite direction.

The list of services we provide:

  • supplying of the container for loading to the warehouse of the shipper and the delivery to the port of loading;
  • support in preparation of necessary set of documents, assistance in translating documents into Russian;
  • port forwarding services;
  • transshipment of containers in ports from the truck or railway wagon to the vessel and vice versa;
  • payment of sea freight for container transportation;
  • delivery of the container by road or railway from the ports to the warehouse of the consigner;
  • permanent monitoring of the location of cargo.

The standard list of documents required for custom clearance at the port:

  • cargo delivery contract;
  • original invoices with the translation into English or Russian (for ports of Ukraine and Russia);
  • original packing lists with the translation into English or Russian (for ports of Ukraine and Russia);
  • original transport document (consignment, CMR, railway invoice);
  • original Certificate of origin / quality;
  • power of attorney issued by the consignee of cargo to our representative in the port of the container unloading.


  • for cargo of animal origin – the original of the Veterinary Certificate.
  • for cargo of vegetable origin – the original of the Phytosanitary Certificate, Fumigation Certificate.

Perhaps, you may need additional documents depending on the type of cargo.

Types and sizes of sea containers:

To transport cargo by sea most often are used the following types of containers:

Image Container type Internal dimensions Dimensions of the loading doors Container weight (kgs) Max capacity (m3) Max capacity (kg)
40′ High cube Container L:12.056m W:2.347m H:2.684m W:2.340m H:2.585m 2,900 kg 76.0 cbm. 29,600 kg
40′ Dry Container L:12.051m W:2.340m H:2.380m W:2.286m H:2.278m 3,084 kg 67.3 cbm. 27,397 kg
20′ Dry Container L:5.919m W:2.340m H:2.380m W:2.286m H:2.278m 1,900 kg 33.0 cbm 22,100 kg

To calculate the cost of the container transport of cargo is necessary to send a request to our e-mail   in which we ask to indicate the following information:

  • the name of cargo
  • the weight of the cargo
  • the place of loading
  • delivery location
  • type of container
  • the list of requested services.